A close up of a group of Hyperchill plus units from Parker

A Guide to Chillers


Many industries use chillers in order to release heat generated during processes such as manufacturing. All chillers require a refrigerant, usually water, a water-glycol mixture or a low-viscosity fluid, which travels through a system to cool it down during operation.

The two common types of chiller are:

Vapour-compression chillers – these pump a refrigerant through a system using compressors

Absorption chillers – these comprise a refrigerant and an absorbent, which are driven round a system by a heat source

It’s vital that the temperature of the process fluid can be easily and accurately controlled, and that it remains stable, clean and uncontaminated. To that end, chiller manufacturers will often use non-ferrous components to avoid corrosion that could contaminate the refrigerant.

Contaminated fluid is undesirable as it will result in a less efficient process, reduce productivity and increase downtime and maintenance costs.

Where are chillers used?

There are many industries where chillers are in common use, such as:

  • Automotive – welding, injection moulding, laser cutting
  • Biogas and natural gas treatment
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical processes
  • Food and drink – manufacturing, printing, packaging
  • Manufacturing – electroplating baths
  • Medical imaging systems
  • Plastics – processing
  • Printing – including flexographic printing systems
  • Welding engineering

One of the leading industrial chiller suppliers is Parker Hiross, which offers a range of low-energy Hyperchill Plus industrial water chillers. These compact chillers are easy to install and designed to operate with high reliability, even in extreme ambient conditions.

The key features include:

  • A non-ferrous circuit and water tank to avoid contamination from corrosion
  • Condenser filters, which reduce dirt
  • A differential pressure switch, which shuts down the system if the circuit ever runs dry
  • A range of accessories, such as water filters, non-ferrous water fill kits and water bypass, and remote control kits to monitor from afar

If you would like to find out more about chillers, please contact our sales team by email: sales@simmengineeringgroup.co.uk, or by phone: 0114 244 0764.