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Exceptional pneumatics services throughout Chesterfield

Simm Engineering Group is the leading provider of air compressors, vacuum pumps, and pneumatics services throughout Chesterfield and beyond. Customers across the South Yorkshire region rely on our exceptional services to not only considerably ameliorate the efficiency of their compressed air systems, but also to reduce the cost of their energy bills. It all begins with a free energy audit; a comprehensive survey which identifies key areas of improvement, we use our findings to make the best recommendations for your specific needs and requirements.

We offer full turnkey operations, including conducting air surveys, sales and supply of new and used equipment, servicing, and providing air compressor hire services. We also deal with dryers, filtration systems, condensate systems, and other downstream equipment of all leading brands. As the leading suppliers of Atlas Copco air compressors, we truly understand that quality equipment and servicing leads to positive outcomes for our customers.

Pneumatics, Air Compressors, and Vacuum Pumps in Chesterfield

Thanks to the commitment of our highly skilled and experienced workforce, we are known by businesses across Chesterfield as the experts to consult regarding compressed air and pneumatics. Since our inception in 1941, our commitment towards professionalism and customer satisfaction has seen the Simm Engineering Group’s reputation grow considerably, making us the first choice for pneumatics, air compressors, air compressor hire, and vacuum pumps across South Yorkshire.

As a local, honest company which prides itself on trustworthiness and compliance, we adhere to all major legislation, including the Environmental Protection Act, and COSHH. This ensures we offer our Chesterfield customers a reliable service as well as promoting sustainability and ethical practices. To learn more why not get in touch by calling us on 0114 244 0764 or, alternatively, complete our online form.

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