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Elite Shopfitters offers a full turnkey operation with a team of qualified joiners working across the spectrum of the building industry.

Established in 1989, the company’s services include CAD drawing, CAN machining, joinery manufacturing, Corian manufacturing, project and cost management.

Project date: October 2015

The company requires compressed air to operate a range of machinery, including holding down material being cut on a large CNC profile computer-aided router cutter, which is used to cut shapes out of timber and sheet material. Compressed air is also used in the general assembly areas.

What was needed?

Previously, Elite was running an old HPC SK19 compressor, but there were concerns about the age of the unit. Over time it had become less efficient and was experiencing more breakdowns. The decision was taken to upgrade this old unit and a Simm Engineering representative was called in to advise.

What we did?

A Simm representative came to have a look at the machinery being used in the workshop and made a recommendation for replacing the air compressor with new equipment.

The old unit was replaced with an Atlas Copco GA11VSD+ FF and Simm also installed a UD45+ filter kit, an OSC35 oil water separator kit and a 500 litre air receiver.

Why Simm?

As Elite has a Simm service contract for all of its air units, it made sense to talk to Simm representatives when the decision was taken to upgrade the ageing unit. Elite has been dealing with Simm for around five years and regularly has contact with the company when machines are serviced.

Key Benefits

As well as energy savings, efficiency on power and cost savings, the new Atlas Copco compressor has a sim card that allows it to self-diagnose problems and report when a service is due, taking the task out of the operator’s hands.

As the previous unit was heading for obsolescence in the near future, the installation of the new compressor and ancillary equipment means that the company has future proofed its compressed air needs.

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