GA VSD+ Compressor, ideal for improving energy efficiency in your compressed air systems

Compressed Air Systems and Energy Efficiency


logo demonstrating CO2 reductionCompressed air systems can be costly to run, even more so when hidden problems are diminishing the outcomes of your equipment. Don’t let your business suffer unnecessary expense and loss of performance. In today’s blog post, we look at five simple solutions to boost the energy efficiency of your compressed air system:

1. Convert Heat Loss Back into Useable Energy

As with many engineering processes, heat waste is a large concern when it comes to compressed air systems. Don’t let all of this energy dissipate away; invest in a high-quality air or liquid cooling system that is specifically designed to capture all of this escaped energy, convert it back into useable energy for your equipment or your building, and improve overall energy efficiency.

2. Upgrade Your Vacuum Pumps and Air Compressors

GA VSD+ CompressorDid you know that you could save up to 50% on your compressed air energy bill simply by changing your air compressors and vacuum pumps? Variable Speed Drive Plus (VSD+) technology offered by Atlas Copco aids in reducing the lifecycle costs of compressed air systems. Take a look at our website to find out more about the different Atlas Copco products we have available.

3. Schedule an Energy Survey for Your Air Compressor

Simm Engineering Group is an expert in the pneumatics industry. As part of our premium quality, comprehensive services, we offer a free compressed air energy survey to customers looking to optimise the energy efficiency of their equipment. The outcomes of which include; the installation of energy recovery units; upgrades of your air compressor or vacuum pump; and the restoration or replacement of faulty parts. Our knowledgeable team will run careful inspections and tests so that we can advise on the best course of action for making your systems energy efficient.

4. Monitor and Repair Leaks

It goes without saying that conducting recurrent maintenance on your equipment will provide you with the opportunity to ensure that it is running at its optimum level. Checking for and resolving leaks as soon as they appear will reduce running costs, make your compressed air system more energy efficient, and save you money in the long term on expensive repair costs.

5. Clean Air Makes for Energy Efficiency

The importance of the air filters in your compressed air system cannot be understated; the air surrounding us is filled with a wide variety of pollutants including dust and dirt particles. Many people often underestimate the negative impact of these pollutants on the performance and energy efficiency of your compressed air system; for example, traces of moisture can, over time, slowly rust and corrode your pipes. Counteract these adverse effects by frequently inspecting your filters and maintaining a regular cleaning schedule.

Become more energy efficient. Get in touch today to discuss your specific needs and requirements further, just give us a call on 0114 244 0764 or make the most of our easy to use online contact form.