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Parker, an industry-leading giant, revolutionised the sector in 1996 with the introduction of aluminium-based Transair piping that could be used for a multitude of functions, including vacuum, inert gas, and compressed air operations. Quality and reliability was and still is, to this day, of the utmost importance for Transair, which is why their pipework maintains ISO 8573 air quality standards.

The highly skilled team here at Simm Engineering have accumulated many years of experience in the installation and layout of these premium piping systems. Read on to learn more:

Parker Transair range imageWhat Are the Advantages of Transair Piping?

Boasting a multifaceted and versatile nature, aluminium Transair piping is the favoured choice for many global industries such as manufacturing, waste management, aerospace engineering, and construction, to name but a few. One of the main advantages of Transair pipework is that you can recuperate thousands of pounds annually in saved energy whilst significantly lowering your environmental footprint, all thanks to its guaranteed leak prevention. Moreover, aluminium piping is less likely to corrode away, ensuring longevity and promoting optimum air flow and quality of air. Another advantage of Transair piping is its flexible full-bore design, devised to work around your specific needs and requirements with fast, error-free installation and easy maintenance.

Format and Specifications

Since its inception, Transair pipework has undertaken consistent revisions to its products in order to enhance performance and provide a broader range of options for customers. From the initial 16.5mm, 25mm, and 40mm bore options to today’s piping solutions, there have been numerous improvements and additions to the Transair catalogue, including; refreshed technology for the 63mm diameter in 2000; refreshed technology for the 76mm and 100mm diameters in 2005; the introduction of the 168mm diameter in 2010; and the introduction of the 50mm diameter with SnapRing technology in 2015.

Reviewing today’s technology, we can see that Transair utilises many smart elements to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of their aluminium pipes. The 16.5mm, 25mm, and 40mm bore options feature an instant connection gripping ring, whilst the 50mm and 63mm bore options make the most of SnapRing for secure and fast attaching and removal. The 76mm, 100mm, and 168mm bore options benefit from an internal cartridge feature which stop disconnection from occurring in the event of a network failure.

Transair application imageWhat Are My Options?

Transair provides the perfect pipework solution when replacing all of your piping system is not a feasible option. Thanks to its easy to assemble design, durability, and lightweight quality, Transair aluminium piping can be easily introduced into existing copper or steel systems, boosting performance and yielding better end results.

How Can I Make My Compressed Air System More Energy Efficient?

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