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Energy Auditing

Save Energy - Save Money


Carbon Trust Accredited
As a division of Pennine Pneumatic Services we are pleased to say we are now Carbon Trust Accredited. This means that we are one of only four compressed air suppliers in the north of England approved to offer you fully accredited energy saving services.

Data Logging
An accurate account of your plant’s compressed air demand, pressure and cycle over a 7-day period identifying energy costs and where savings can be made. We can install Data Logging equipment on up to 6 compressors at any one time. A full presentation will be given on completion with recommendations and quotations.

Breathing Air Tests
We can provide breathing air quality tests at any point in your compressed air system in accordance with BS EN 12021:1999 as required by BS EN 529:2005 testing for oil, water carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Site Surveys
We are happy to undertake a site survey of your existing compressed air plant, culminating in advice, areas of improvement, recommendations and service costs for your equipment.

Air Leak Audits
Compressed Air Leaks cost you money, this is wasted energy, costing you money to produce via your electrically driven air compressor(s). The smallest of leaks which are inaudible to the human ear on a minimal size hose or fitting is money wasted. All these added up from leaks on flexible air lines, valves, cylinders to leaks on your ring-main have the potential to dent your energy budget.

Using an Ultra Sonic Air Leak Detection Gun with a trained operator carrying out a full survey on your compressed air system can on average detect a 20% loss in your compressed air through leakage making your energy bill higher than necessary and puts extra load making your energy bill higher than necessary

Use the contact page to find out more about a full site air leak survey; this would include a full calculation of your potential savings, taking into account site, electricity costs, production hrs per wk, month, year, size of motors running your compressors. All fully presented to you along with a factory plan pin pointing leak locations.

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