Magna Science Adventure Centre Rotherham

Get up to Speed 2019


Get up to Speed is an annual event taking place at Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham. The aim of the day is to inspire the next generation of designers, innovators, engineers and manufacturers by letting them experience some of the UK’s best innovations first hand. Attended by almost 3000 school children, teachers and families it really is an action-packed day.

This year Simm Engineering Group attended for the first time to showcase the power of compressed air. In association with the AMRC Training Centre we had a pneumatic demonstration running. The demonstration rig used only compressed air to carry out the task of moving metal plates from a hopper to be date stamped, before stacking up a completed pile further down the bench. You can see a video of the demonstration over on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).Simm Engineering Group stand at Get up to Speed with staff Andy Kershaw, Andrew Martlew and Alan Kerr

“At Simm Engineering Group we see first hand how important it is to attract young people to work in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Essential skills can easily be lost when we don’t plan for succession. This is why we have just taken on an Apprentice Service Engineer and why it was important for us to attend Get up to Speed this year.

Personally, I was blown away by the number of students attending the event and I loved watching their curious faces trying to figure out how compressed air was making the pneumatic rig run. A brilliant day for all involved”

Alan Kerr, General Manager, Simm Engineering Group.

Pneumatic demonstration rig built by students at the AMRCMuch of the conversation on the Simm Engineering Group stand focused on the importance of compressed air and how it is known as the fourth utility. Students were surprised to find out they have come into contact with compressed air more than they realised; at the dentist, in a 4D cinema, when they have been to an indoor ski slope or simply when they were eating a wispa bar (well how else do you think they get the bubbles in there?).

Hopefully the sense of wonder got them thinking on the way back to school and we have inspired a few to think about a career with compressed air. You never know, like Birt in the video we were showing, compressed air might take them on quite a journey!