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Go With the Flow – if you want to save money



When it comes to specifying a new compressor, the first thing to bear in mind is that:

Pressure + flow = energy = cost

This is the message coming from Atlas Copco – and as a leading manufacturer of air compressors and associated equipment, they can be relied on to know what they are talking about!

As an authorised distributor of Atlas Copco products, and with many years’ experience of supplying compressed air systems, Simm Engineering is committed to offering the best solutions to its customers – which is why Atlas Copco’s Go With the Flow campaign has definitely struck a chord.

What is the key message of Go With the Flow? 

When a company is considering purchasing an air compressor or compressed air system, the specification is often based on the kW power rating of a compressor’s motor.

However, as Atlas Copco’s campaign explains, it’s much more accurate to measure pressure and flow instead.

Why? Because in some air compressor ranges, the differential in flow rate between two machines within the same kW category can vary by as much as 30% – and their price differential can be as much as 32%.

In fact, Atlas Copco says that on average a massive 50% of air compressors currently in use are believed to be incorrectly sized.

What difference does this make?

Running a compressor that has been correctly specified, using pressure and flow readings, should:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase environmental credentials

What’s the best way to establish pressure and flow?

The first step is to carry out a thorough energy audit, which is a service we regularly offer our customers.

This is a non-intrusive operation that won’t affect the day-to-day running of your business but can lead to dramatic cost savings.

Not only will it help you to specify a new compressor, but it will identify any existing faults that need correcting, such as leaky air pipes and issues with pressure and drainage.

Bear in mind that pressure depends not only on the air compressor itself, but on all components in the system, including valves, driers, filters and receivers.

When deciding on the type and size of air compressor to best suit your application, our engineers will take all of this into account – as well as the effects of wear and tear, and any potential increase in requirement that might come about over time.

Is it really worth the trouble?

Absolutely. Compressed air represents an average of 12% of electrical power consumption in industry – sometimes as much as 30%.

Due diligence is important in any large purchase: in cost terms, having the correctly specified machinery can offer savings of thousands of pounds over the course of a year.

For more information, contact sales@simmengineeringgroup.co.uk; 0114 244 0764 and visit www.atlascopco.co.uk/gowiththeflow.