Image of an Atlas Copco GA15VSD unit in the centre of a room

A guide to the Atlas Copco VSD+ range


Food and drink, engineering, automotive, chemical – these and many other industries rely on a supply of compressed air. But many companies are paying for energy they don’t need by running a fixed-speed air compressor.

As a global leader in the design and manufacture of air compressors, vacuum pumps, air treatment equipment and nitrogen generators, Atlas Copco is the name to trust when it comes to getting the most from your machinery.

You may have heard of the industry-leading VSD (variable speed drive) air compressors; now the VSD+ range can offer you even bigger energy savings, improving your carbon footprint and reducing your energy bills by up to 50%.

Why you need VSD+

You wouldn’t leave your car engine running when it’s sitting unused on your driveway, so why keep your air compressor operational when no compressed air supply is required?

By varying the motor and element speed to accommodate fluctuations in use, Atlas Copco VSD air compressors use a significantly lower amount of energy than fixed speed compressors. The newest VSD+ models offer even higher savings and efficiencies than the standard VSD drives launched in 2013.

While a new machine will require some capital outlay, with savings of up to 50% on your energy bills, payback is just around the corner.

Find out roughly how much you might be able to save with Atlas Copco’s energy calculator:

It’s all in the design

Improving energy efficiency and increasing productivity is at the forefront of every new Atlas Copco design.

The Swedish company has a long pedigree going back to 1873, and today the focus is on harnessing new technology and constantly finding ways to improve on the design of each element of your machine.

This is achieved through features such as:

  • A highly efficient iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor
  • A patented compression element
  • A patented sentinel valve to prevent compressed air escaping when the machine is not in use

Furthermore, the expansion of the range to 75kW models means that industries with a high level of compressed air use can now benefit.

Maintenance and performance

The new VSD+ range has been designed to require less maintenance, with robust, long-lasting and maintenance-free elements. You won’t need to call out an engineer as often and, if you do, they will have easier access, which will reduce downtime.

The performance of a VSD+ machine’s various parts is also exceptional, bringing efficiency savings and extending the life of the machine.

Finally, the highly advanced smart controller system makes it easy to monitor the machine remotely and to integrate it with any existing system.

Practical considerations

Supplied in a space-saving upright format, VSD+ air compressors have a small footprint and quieter operation. This means that they can be slotted into smaller available spaces on the main factory or office floor, rather than requiring their own separate room.


Suitable for difficult conditions, including workplaces with particularly high or low temperatures, Atlas Copco’s VSD+ range combines significant energy savings with excellent performance, consistent reliability, low noise levels and a small footprint.

For more advice on whether the VSD+ range would suit your requirements – and to find out more about our free Energy Audits to check the overall efficiency of your compressed air system, contact us at:; 0114 244 0764.