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When the pressure’s OFF We’re ON!

Simm Engineering has a team of experienced engineers & superior equipment available for you to access when you need them. Providing you a bespoke solution with excellent service so when the equipment stops, you don’t have to.

small Air compressors

  • Emergency Hire – For the short, medium or long term
  • Contingency Planning – Prepare for the unforeseen, and reduce lost time
  • Research and Development – When you need to try it out first
  • Planned Shutdown – Short-term support for long-term gains

Whether you need emergency crisis cover for a broken compressor, additional capacity due to an increased workload, or you’re just looking to make improvements to your building, our hire service has you covered.

“Compressed air is very important to us; the majority of our machines won’t run without it. Knowing that the new compressor is reliable is essential, and as a growing business, we know it will cope with varying load and provide capacity for increasing demand. Not only is the new compressor efficient, it also increases reliability, and with a reduction in service requirements there is a lower chance of downtime.” – Simon Sheaf, AESSEAL, a global manufacturer of mechanical seals for a range of industries.

We can provide you with rapid and effective air compressor hire and leasing, and also offer our hire and leasing services for vacuum pumps and other machinery to help keep you up and running and producing on time.

Simm Engineering will come out to you to ascertain your individual requirements – after that, we’ll provide you with a quote and the smooth, efficient installation of whatever equipment you need. We’re also more than happy to replace your existing units, and can repair them upon request.

How Simm can help

We’re able to help you out in a number of different potential scenarios, and have come to the aid of many companies throughout the area in the face of difficult situations:

  • Natural disasters.West Yorkshire was hit by some significant floods in 2015, and we helped a number of our customers through this difficult time by helping them ensure their business was ready for the new year.
  • Fires and other damages.Should the unexpected happen and you end up taking some significant hits, our compressors could end up making all the difference. You don’t have to be struggling for long.
  • Expansion.If your business is expanding in any way, our air compressor and vacuum pump hire services can help you ensure that your compressed air meets the new demands of a larger company.

For a further insight into our hire services, you can head over to our case studies page to find out more about our previous customers.


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