Atlas Copco DZS dry claw solutions

The Latest in Vacuum from Atlas Copco


Any company looking to introduce or upgrade its on-site vacuum provision should take a look at the latest DZS vacuum dry claw solutions from Atlas Copco.

Claw vacuum pumps have two claw-shaped rotors, which turn in opposite directions, without coming into contact with one another, to deliver a consistent pumping speed.

Known as a world-leader in vacuum and air compressor design, Atlas Copco has now released a new series of models with a raft of benefits.

Key benefits of Atlas Copco vacuum technology

Harnessing the latest technology and drawing on the expertise of the Atlas Copco designers and engineers, the new vacuum solutions are designed for sustainable productivity over the long term.

The features and benefits include:

  • Efficient IE3 motor to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Variable speed options for better controllability
  • Built to last, even when operating in harsh conditions
  • Designed to deliver low power consumption, saving you money on energy bills
  • Innovative construction materials and coatings for resilience
  • A compact design that will take up less space; reduced noise levels
  • Low failure rate and low lifespan costs
  • Advanced contaminant handling capability
  • Set-point control option to match flow to requirements, reducing waste

They also have several features that make them easier to operate, clean and maintain, such as:

  • Simple modular design, which also allows heat to dissipate more effectively
  • Oil-free pumping chamber, which is easy to access
  • Contact-free internals that reduce wear
  • Removable claws for easy cleaning
  • Cool running/simple air cooling
  • Built-in corrosion resistance, including corrosion resistant claws

Vacuum applications

The DZS models are suitable for a wide range of sectors, including food and drink production, packaging, pneumatic conveying, chemical industry, medical vacuum, printing companies, and dust extraction and drying systems.

They are excellent alternatives to vane and lobe pumps, producing more efficient operation over the lifetime of the machine.

Service with a smile

As with all of our products, the Atlas Copco DZS dry claw vacuum range is supported by a choice of service contracts, with a genuine 24/7 emergency call out. The machines are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 compliant and come with a market-leading warranty.

Get in contact with our sales team today if you’d like to find out more. If you’re planning to attend Manufactured Yorkshire at Elland Road, Leeds on 10 May, drop by our stand, where we will be exhibiting one of Atlas Copco’s DZS vacuum dry claw machines.