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An image of an Atlas Copco air compressor on the beach

Too Hot to Handle: Why Your Air Compressor Needs a Summer Service

The problem with hot weather in the UK is that we’re not always geared up for it; that extends to keeping our air compressors at the right temperature! An overheated air compressor will not be operating at its optimum efficiency, wasting energy and money. If it shuts down completely, it can cost you thousands in production downtime. The solution is […]

Banner showing manufacturing image and details of the Made in Yorkshire event

Join us at the biggest expo for Yorkshire Manufacturing

When the pressure’s OFF…We’re ON! Next week that means we will be on stand 73 at the Made in Yorkshire Exhibition taking place at Elland Road Centenary Pavilion. Our aim on Thursday 17th May is to make sure Yorkshire manufacturers avoid downtime by ensuring their compressed air needs are covered. Emergency assistance, planned shutdowns, contingency planning and research and development […]

The Opportunity Presented by Compressed Air, According to Stef Lievens

The Opportunity Presented by Compressed Air, According to Stef Lievens

According to Atlas Copco’s Business Line Manager, Stef Lievens, compressed air offers businesses a huge opportunity to save on their energy bills and harmful emissions. To read his thoughts in full, head over to the Atlas Copco website. A number of UK manufacturers have had to re-think their environmental policies over the past few years, particularly from an energy-saving perspective. […]

Image of a man working on an Atlas Copco filter

Leak Surveys: how to save energy – and money

If someone told you that they could save your company thousands of pounds a year, you would want to know more. So why do so many businesses do so little about air leaks? You may consider air leaks a minor problem but they can represent a major cost. While leakage can never be completely eradicated, it’s not unusual for a […]

An overhead image of a number of air compression units and cylinders

A simple guide to nitrogen generation

  Many manufacturing and other industrial processes require a steady, clean supply of nitrogen, but if you’re still buying bottles or tanks, you may be missing out on the savings that can be gained from generating your own supply of this essential industrial gas. A nitrogen generator can quickly and easily be integrated into your existing compressed air system – […]

A picture of a wall of air compressors for use in Rotherham

PPS has a new job vacancy: Pipefitter wanted

Pennine Pneumatic Services Ltd. (PPS) is looking for a pipe fitter based in and around Brighouse For more details click here or download the job specification Pipefitter Simm Engineering group is a division of PPS  

Image of a Michelin worker working on a tyre

The Simm solution to shutdowns

It’s half way through the afternoon, you have an urgent order to complete and one of your machines shuts down, bringing production to a halt. It’s every factory manager’s worst nightmare, but here at Simm Engineering, getting things up and running again is all part of a day’s work. For every shutdown, there is a solution. Read on to find […]

Image of a snowy scene

How to protect your air compressor in winter

Whether you’re dreaming of a white Christmas or walking in a winter wonderland, spare a thought for your compressor, which may be feeling a little Frosty the Snowman. While maintaining your air compressor and ancillary equipment is important all year round, it’s particularly vital during the winter months. Fortunately, our experienced engineers are on hand to offer expert advice on […]

Cropped shot of the Simm Engineering Group winners at the 2017 Sheffield Business Awards

Glam and glitter at the 2017 Sheffield Business Awards

It was black ties and posh frocks all round as our team once again headed out to the biggest awards ceremony of the Sheffield City Region, which took place on Thursday 7 December at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre. Now in its 16th year, the Sheffield Business Awards 2017 attracted entries from a record-breaking 150 individuals and organisations and welcomed […]

After party at the Halifax Courier Business Awards 2017

Pennine Pneumatic Services sponsored Halifax Courier Business Manufacturing Award

The Halifax Courier Business Awards was a glitzy affair at The Venue in Halifax for our parent company Pennine Pneumatic Services (PPS). PPS were proud to be nominated for a third time for employer of the year and to sponsor the Manufacturing Award. Read what happened here

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