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Nitrogen generation – all you need to know


Nitrogen is a colourless and odourless gas, which is used in a range of industries to transport liquids through pipelines or to remove undesirable elements. It is very sought after as it is an incredibly useful, versatile gas.

PPS N2 Skid Package nitrogen generatorIf you are currently using nitrogen stored in a bottle, you may be missing a trick, as a better option might be to produce your own gas with a generator, using compressed air.

On-site nitrogen generation is not only convenient, but also provides several other benefits:

  • Potentially cheaper prices
  • More flexibility
  • Better continuity of supply

Industries using nitrogen
A number of industries use nitrogen, and could benefit from their own nitrogen generation. These include food and drink processing and packaging, laser cutting, electronics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and plastics production. While there are many more companies and industries that benefit from the gas, the aforementioned industries highlight the diverse nature of nitrogen’s functionality.

Companies that require a continuous supply and consumption of nitrogen will benefit the most from generating their own supply. There is also the option of generating nitrogen during the night for use in the daytime, using a plug-and-play skid package.

Finally, there is also a good chance that nitrogen generation will offer potential cost savings. As you will be using all of the nitrogen that you produce, rather than returning partially full bottles, there won’t be any precious gas going to waste.

Atlas Copco – leaders in the field

As authorised distributors of Atlas Copco products, we are able to offer the latest nitrogen generators, which deliver particularly high purities. These include the NGP and NGP+ series, which operate using Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA), and the NGM series machines, which have advanced membrane technology. Such pioneering technology will allow you to produce your own, high quality nitrogen.

Find more information on nitrogen generation here or contact our sales team on 0114 244 0764 or email sales@simmengineeringgroup.co.uk.

Atlas CopcoNGP+ application image