Image showing one of the signs on the outside of the Simm Engineering Group building

Paul Woodhouse joins the Simm Engineering Group team


Name: Paul Woodhouse

Job title: Aftermarket and Capital Sales Engineer

Date started: 1 June 2019

Background: Born and bred in Sheffield, Paul has always worked in the compressed air industry, starting at the age of 16 as a plant fitter then moving into the compressed air department of a CompAir distributor. He left there to work for Atlas Copco’s service centre in Sheffield and progressed to working for an Atlas Copco distributor based in Sheffield.

Paul Woodhouse of Simm Engineering Group, previously Airtight Compressors

Running his own company: In September 2001, Paul set up his own business, Airtight Compressor Services, offering a full range of compressed air services, from sales and installation to servicing; it was also a distributor for the Atlas Copco company Worthington and Mark.

Moving to Simm: In October 2018, Simm approached Paul to work with the company on sales. At the time he was busy running his business, working round the clock to keep his customers happy and rarely taking a holiday! When Simm offered to buy his business, he jumped at the chance and the deal was finalised at the end of May 2019. This is expected to be a very positive partnership for customers old and new, moving forward.

“At the moment we are doing the handover, integrating my business into Simm’s and training other engineers on my site,” Paul explains. “Moving forward, everything will be transferred to Simm and I will work from their site.

Role: “My role is the same as when I was running my business, but under the Simm Engineering banner. Mid to longer term, the aim is that I will be carrying out capital and service sales, but at the moment it’s all hands-on deck, doing a bit of everything as I always have done!”

Most rewarding part of the job: “Probably the teamwork – I’m enjoying the fact that I’ve got people on hand to share information and problem solve with rather than doing it all myself.

“Compressed air is all I’ve ever done for 30 years, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I have seen a lot of changes, it’s a completely different game now. In the past it was all heavy duty piston compressors and now they are rotary screw with a lot of electronics. You never stop picking up new things as products are always changing and you have to move with the times.”

When not at work you’ll find him: Married with two grown up children, Paul likes to spend his spare time either on his push bike or hill walking in the Peak District.

If you need to contact Paul directly please email