From the latest Atlas Copco Variable Speed Drive (VSD+) air compressors and vacuum pumps to second-hand, reconditioned or hire machines, Simm Engineering has a wide range of products to help you improve efficiencies and save on your energy bills.

At Simm we don’t simply sell products, we take the time to find the right solution for each and every customer. Ask one of our sales team for advice or why not book a free energy audit and we will recommend the best products for your needs.

You can also pick up parts and spares at our Sales Counter – contact us for more information.

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GA VSD+ Compressor, ideal for improving energy efficiency in your compressed air systems

Air Compressors

Save up to 50% on your energy bills with a new air compressor from Simm Engineering. Whether you are looking for a small hobby-type unit, a large industrial unit, or are thinking of buying second-hand products, we can help. As …

Picture of a vacuum installation

Vacuum Pumps

For greater performance and life-cycle cost savings, invest in the latest vacuum pumps from Simm Engineering. Efficient, reliable and cost-effective, our vacuum solutions can dramatically reduce your energy bills for speedy return on investment. All of our products have many …

Compressed Air Treatment Filters

Air Treatment

Within any compressed air system, it’s possible for the air to become contaminated with dirt, dust, water vapour or other unwanted elements. Even the best maintained air compressors will still pass air born contaminants and gasses into the air system. …

Picture of a Nitrogen membrane now available from Simm Engineering

Nitrogen Generators

Take control of your nitrogen supplies and save on costs with a nitrogen generator. Relying on gas bottles and tanks is often the more expensive option. Investing in your own nitrogen generator can save you money and ensure a more …

Camozzi pneumatic products for use across Barnsley, Doncaster, Chesterfield, Rotherham, and Sheffield


From the compressor room to the factory floor, Simm Engineering Group supply a full range of pneumatics parts and controls systems. We can save you the time and trouble of going to several different suppliers by providing all of the …

Picture of a BD 300 Desiccant air dryer

Air ancillary equipment dryers

Whatever your application, we can offer advice on the best equipment to suit from our range of dryers, filters and oil/water separators. These include: Standard refrigeration giving a 3° dew point Desiccant encompassing heat re-generation, air and steam applications Dew …

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