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Within any compressed air system, it’s possible for the air to become contaminated with dirt, dust, water vapour or other unwanted elements. Even the best maintained air compressors will still pass air born contaminants and gasses into the air system.

Our air treatment systems include contaminant and odour filters, air dryers and breathable air quality purifiers to ensure that your system is kept clean and dry.

The benefits are wide ranging and include:

  • Better quality compressed air
  • Improved performance of the components
  • Longer service life of the system and associated equipment (air tools, cylinders and valves to name a few)

Talk to us about the best air treatment and filtration solutions for your business; we can supply you with anything from a simple fitting up to the most complex pneumatic control system.


Our Products

Picture of the Atlas Copco Compressed Air Filters

Atlas Copco Compressed Air Filters

It is not just about compressed air; it is about ensuring you have the best quality compressed air for your set up. Untreated air can cause a range of problems within a system that can ultimately lead to inefficient production processes or a damaged end product. Developed in line with ISO 8573 the Atlas Copco range of filters offers innovative filtration solutions for all applications.

Picture of the Atlas Copco QDT Activated Carbon Tower

Atlas Copco QDT Activated Carbon Tower

For industry applications such as specialised pharmaceutical, food and beverage this carbon tower provides maximum oil vapour removal. Easy to maintain, reliable and with only a low pressure drop that stays minimal over the lifetime of the filter. Only an activated carbon tower is able to provide class 1 clean air (ISO 8573-1).

Picture of the Atlas Copco Breathing Air Purifiers

Atlas Copco Breathing Air Purifiers (BAP Series)

For a compressed air fed breathing air system, high quality, clean air is not just important but is essential to ensure a safe working environment. With the innovative Atlas Copco Breathing Air Purifier, you are getting a system that complies with the strictest International Breathing Air standards to provide the air you need within a manageable budget.

Picture of the OSC oil-water separator

Atlas Copco Condensate management. OSC &OSD oil-water separator series

The Atlas Copco range of condensate filters offer a clean and cost-efficient solution so that you have nothing to worry about. The unique OSD offers a condensate treatment package fully integrated into the compressor, reducing both installation costs and complexity. The patented OSC technology works in a different way to give unparalleled performance and reliability for minimal maintenance.

Picture of the Atlas Copco after cooler

Atlas Copco After-coolers, water separators and drains

With Atlas Copco design and development, the attention is in the fine detail and this is no different when it comes to key air treatment ranges. This range delivers reliable, efficient products that require minimal maintenance and all work to keep pressure drop to an absolute minimum.

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