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Pneumatic Systems



Pneumatics are widely used in factory automation, food processing and packaging, chemical plants and other processes requiring the control or movement of equipment and materials, for example on an assembly line.

Cost-effective, safe and reliable, pneumatics are used in conjunction with compressed air systems or an inert gas such as nitrogen.

The flow of air can be simply controlled by simple pressure or flow valves or more complex control can be achieved by integration with a logic controller. Pneumatics basically use the same principle as hydraulics, but the benefit of using air is that it can be released into the atmosphere afterwards, and excess heat can be expelled from the system.

Pneumatic/air motors are lighter and smaller than electric motors and are safe to use in an explosive atmosphere; they will stall rather than burn out if overloaded. The cushioning effect of compressed air means that pneumatic systems are ideal for pick and place functions (with vacuum generators), as well as controlled pressing or squeezing actions.

Simm Engineering supplies a range of pneumatic products and our experienced engineers can advise you on the most suitable for your needs.

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