Atlas Copco GA55VSD+FF pneumatics equipment installed at AESSEAL

Simm Engineering’s ‘Energy Saving Stars’


Finding ways to save costs on your energy bills makes perfect sense for any forward-thinking company, especially when it also reduces your carbon footprint.

In partnership with its sister company, Halifax-based Pennine Pneumatic Services (PPS), Simm Engineering has this year launched a brand new award for its customers: Energy Saving Stars.

The initiative is aimed at companies who have invested in their future by reducing their energy use and, consequently, improved their energy efficiency. This could be by upgrading their capital equipment – such as air compressors and vacuum pumps – to more energy efficient models, replacing leaky pipework or any other activity that cuts down on energy use.

AESSEAL® announced as our first Energy Saving Star

Global business AESSEAL® became the first company to be selected as an Energy Saving Star in January 2017. The business is committed to environmentally friendly policies and Simm was able to work with its Sustainability Officer to find the best solutions moving forward.

Picture from certificate presentation at AESSEALThis included new pipework and Atlas Copco Variable Speed Drive Plus (VSD+) air compressors at its sites in Rotherham and Bradford, with further work planned for other sites.

In Rotherham alone, the savings amounted to approximately 25,130kg carbon and £14,864 per annum.

Expert advice brings results

logo demonstrating CO2 reductionEstablished in 1941, Simm Engineering has a highly experienced team able to offer expert advice on the best energy-saving options for your business. Let us help you become one of our Energy Saving Stars of the future.

Not only will you benefit from reduced energy bills and better environmental credentials, but also potentially from increased efficiencies and productivity, as well as meeting internal and external targets for Corporate Social Responsibility and regulation.

Your next step to becoming an Energy Saving Star

Contact the Simm Engineering office and we will be happy to offer you some free advice and a free Compressed Air Energy Audit. By assessing your set up and data logging your current system, we can help you make decisions that will save you money and help to augment your energy efficiency in the short and long term.

Alert your customers to Your Energy Efficiency

All of our Energy Saving Stars will be presented with a certificate to display at their premises, for staff and customers to see, demonstrating their commitment to achieving cost savings and to lowering their carbon footprint.

The company that has made the most significant energy savings will be featured in an end-of-year showcase and all companies can potentially be featured as a case study on our website and in our newsletters.

To find out more information about the benefits of becoming an Energy Saving Star, contact Simm Engineering and we’ll put you in touch with one of our sales team.