Atlas Copco GA55VSD+FF pneumatics equipment installed at AESSEAL

Smartlink – The Smarter Way to Monitor your Compressed Air Systems


Remote monitoring is definitely the way forward when it comes to compressed air systems, which is why Atlas Copco air compressors use Smartlink – an advanced monitoring system.

Providing you with comprehensive data about how your air compressors and associated systems are performing, Smartlink can increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime and help you avoid unplanned repairs. All of which will save you money in the long run.Atlas Copco smartlink

How does it do this?

First, Smartlink is able to monitor the way your air compressor works. Second it is able to analyse the data it collects. And last but not least, it can alert you by text or email when there is an issue that needs the attention of a service engineer.

What are the benefits to customers?
There are several benefits for customers switching to this system.

  • No need to gather data by visiting the compressor room and keeping written logs
  • Reduction in down time and unplanned work, as Smartlink will alert you as soon as there’s a significant problem, allowing you to call in an engineer
  • Smartlink can uncover potential energy savings by indicating when a system is running poorly. This can then be traced back to the source of the problem, whether it’s an old air compressor, a poorly ventilated room, a failing element or a faulty dryer
  • Works 24/7, whether you are there or not and whether or not the system is being used at the time

Why connectivity is the way forward
By gathering and analysing data for you, Smartlink offers a clear and transparent picture of how well your compressed air and associated systems are working. This increases the efficiency of your operation – saving you time and money.

What should I do next?
There are three plans of Smartlink available to you:

Smartlink Service – offers an online service log book that is quick and easy to access. You can also ask for quotes for service and parts

Smartlink Uptime – each time a problem arises, the system will send you a text or email

Smartlink Energy – supplies reports that are compliant with ISO 50001 and customised to show how energy efficient your compressor room is.

Our sales personnel will be able to give you a better idea of how Smartlink works and which version is most suited to your needs. Contact us via email, phone or our online form and we’ll be happy to chat further or arrange a site visit.